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Getting published is a lot more than writing a compelling story with an interesting plot and endearing characters. It takes a unique blend of experience, skill, foresight - and a firm grasp of what the target audience wants - to publish a story that readers simply cannot resist. 

This is why a surficial, matter-of-fact editing and proofreading service rarely makes the cut. At WriteSmartly, we know how to separate wheat from the chaff and bridge the gap from very good to excellent, and from excellent to flawless. 

Our editors know exactly when to trim, add, delete, revise, intervene or mount a full-blown attack like a ninja – to ensure your cherished story is a cut above the rest.

  • Get professional editing, critical feedback, proofreading, and perfect formatting – all for a single fee
  • Get objective and expert feedback on your fiction and non-fiction work
  • Work on all formatting like the layout, font, number style etc
  • Edited work makes an impact on readers, with an improved clarity, coherence, syntax, flow, and more.
  • Fast, affordable and confidential service available 24/7
  • Experienced native English speaking editors

Self-Publishing Services For All Your Needs 

  • Proofreading to remove errors in the language, consistency, formatting, and more
  • Professional feedback on your fiction or non-fiction work
  • Completely confidential and secure
  • Expert editing for greater coherence, consistency, and clarity
  • Editors are English language experts from diverse academic and professional fields
  • Free revision of your edited document so that you are 100% satisfied
Before Editing

After Editing

  • Our industry proven and experienced typesetters will design, format and layout your entire content to perfection. We will also perfect the overall look and feel of your book, including the following:  title page, titles of chapters, headers & footers, front and back portion (including the copyright page, table of contents, author profile, dedication page, review excerpts, among others), indentation, font sizes/styles, your preferred typefaces, line spacing, and so much more..
  • We'll also happily accommodate any additional or special content that you’d want to fit in, such as illustrations, tables, checklists, photos foldouts, bulleted lists, glossaries, indexes, etc.
  • We convert all types of files into email or print format by conforming to the nuanced standards and guidelines of the world’s most reputed publishing platforms, including but not restricted to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Lulu, CreateSpace  and/or any world-renowned printing agency.




  • Get a precision-laden, eye-catching and tailored book cover (spine, front, back, as well as full dust jacket) in every conceivable format for print and digital publishing.
  • Our award-winning designers of book cover specialise in a broad range of genres and have multiple decades of proven experience in the field of publishing.
  • Our services are100% safe, secure, and confidential
  • You can select between two options that are diligently conceptualised and designed to address all your needs.
  • Fast & timely delivery guaranteed- our customer support services are available 24/7/365, including on weekends

  • ISBN registration: Get fast and easy access to ISBN (International Standard Book Number) so as to register/identify your book on some of the world’s top publication platforms (including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Lulu, and CreateSpace), at libraries, bookstores, and a lot more.
  • Online book distribution: Entrust us with the tedious and painstaking task of getting your cover art, eBook, and metadata uploaded, and providing pertinent supplementary information to the aforementioned online publishing platforms
  • Book review writing: Avail speedy access to a professionally-crafted, well-structured, and insightful book review that gives your prospective readers a compelling glimpse into your book’s content - as well as your unique style, approach, and individual voice - to underscore your biggest strengths as a writer.
  • Barcode creation: Get your book's ISBN into converted into a barcode (meeting industry standards) to facilitate the distribution of a printed or physical copy of your book.
  • Copyright page: Our well-respected experts create an impressive, flawlessly formatted and ready-to-publish copyright page that adheres to all industry standards of excellence.
  • Blurb writing: Benefit from a laser-sharp, succinct blurb that not only encapsulates the essence of your book's content, but also piques your readers’ curiosity 


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  • Proofreading to correct all language errors

  • Referencing and formatting included

  • Completely confidential and secure

  • Expert Editor From Your Field

  • Editing for style, coherence and clarity

  • Plagiarism check available

  • Free revision of your edited document

  • Fast editing and timely delivery, available 24/7

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